Verified Syntheses of Zeolitic Materials

2nd Revised Edition

Harry Robson, editor
Karl Petter Lillerud, XRD Patterns

Published on behalf of the the Synthesis Commission
of the International Zeolite Association 2001


Preface to the second edition
Introduction and Explanatory Notes
Conditions for recording of XRD patterns reported in this book
Introductory articles
  Source materials for zeolite synthesis
  Nucleation, growth and seeding in zeolite synthesis
  Synthesis of high-silica zeolites and phosphate-based materials in the presence of fluoride
  Templating in molecular sieve synthesis
  The pH-value and its importance for the crystallization of zeolites
  Microwave technology in zeolite synthesis
  Preparation of zeolite membranes
  Safety considerations for zeolite synthesis
  Product characterization by X-ray powder diffraction
  Determination of elemental compositor of zeolitic materials
  Characterization of zeolites by SEM
  Product characterization by NMR
  Characterization of zeolites by sorption capacity measurements
  Ion exchange capacity
  Characterization by IR spectroscopy
  How to read a patent
Synthesis recipes
  by material name
  by framework type

last updated: 12-March-2002