Zeolite Conference Schedule

If you know of a conference that is of interest to zeolite scientists (must not be devoted entirely to zeolite science) and is not included in the list below, please send the relevant information to Lynne McCusker at so it can be added.

Venue Conference
8-11 Sep 2014 Leipzig, Germany 6th FEZA Conference - Porous Systems: From Novel Materials to Sustainable Solutions

10 Sep 2014 Depok, Indonesia Catalytic Process for Sustainable Energy and Environment

9-12 Dec 2014 Abuja, Nigeria First Nigeria International Conference on Zeolite
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25-28 Jan 2015 Nice, France 2nd Euro-Asia Zeolite Conference

28 Jun - 2-Jul 2015 Sapporo, Japan International Symposium on Zeolites and Microporous Crystals (ZMPC 2015)

6-9 Sep 2015 Burgas, Bulgaria 6th International Symposium of Advanced Micro- and Mesoporous Materials

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

18th International Zeolite Conference
List of Gordon Research Conferences

List of Past Zeolite Conferences

last updated: 6-October-2014