Zeolite Conference Schedule

If you know of a conference that is of interest to zeolite scientists (must not be devoted entirely to zeolite science) and is not included in the list below, please send the relevant information to Valentin Valtchev so it can be added.

Venue Conference
4-8 Sep 2016 Venice, Italy

6th IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry


11-15 Sep 2016 Long Beach, CA, USA 5th International Conference on Metal-Organic Frameworks & Open Framework Compounds

5-9 Sep 2016 Kutna Hora, Czech Republic 6th International Workshop on Layered Materials

19-24 Jun 2016

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

18th International Zeolite Conference
6-10 Jun 2016 Stockholm, Sweden

ED-XPD Workshop - Combining Electron and X-ray Powder Diffraction Techniques for Structural Characterization


21-23 Mar 2016 Bath, UK

39th BZA Annual Meeting


2-4 Mar 2016 Giessen, Germany 28th Deutsche Zeolith-Tagung

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last updated: 11-March-2016